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The Samma Veda says that the knowledge cannot be attained without austerity restrain of the senses as well as the mind and dedication. Sensuou objects always divert ones attention, hence unless we keep away from them as far as possible, paying complete attention to the acquisition of knowledge is impossible. Therefore providing such facilities to students that facilities extroversion are not commendable for they tend to interest them more, making them gain knowledge secondary. Unless made practical theoretical knowledge though necessary, never becomes part and parcel of life.

Under the guidance of Lord Shiva the management of this institution is conducting the School in a manner that these ideals are inculcated in the student dedicated to truth for its own sake. Truth is always for the benefit of all, it is not merely related to thing as they are but pivoted to their employability for benefit of humanity, making ethics a part of education. No ethics can be evolved unless a superior consciousness “Brahman”.

With the blessing of Lord SHIVA the institution is achieving its desired aims.

Swami Shri Meheshanand

(Shri Shankarmath, Mount Abu)