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Hostel Kit

Items Qty.
Study Suitcase (Iron Trunk) 01
Black Leather Shoes (Oxford Style) 01 Pair
White Sports Shoes 01 Pair
Casual Dresses 03 Pairs
Bathroom Slipper 01 pair
Casual Socks & Shoes 03 pairs & 01 Pair
Casual Sweater 02 Pairs
Towel( BathSize) 02
Vests (White) 04
Underwear 04
Handkerchief 02
Blanket 01
Quilt with white cover 01
Rain Coat 01
Bucket & mug 01
Torch With cell 01

Hangers-6, Clips-6, Hair oil, Soap, (Bat & Detergent), Tooth Paste, Brush, Soap Case, Tongue Cleaner, Nail Cutter, Lock-2, Shoe Polish & Brush, Comb,Mirror, Washing Brush & Napkin.

  • Parents are advised to write admission number of the student on the articles with marker.
  • Parents are suggested not to provide any unwanted things.Parents are expected to provide only Indian made (Swadeshi) goods. Articles may be brought by the students from Student’s store

Articles may be bought by the students from students store.

(By cash or BPM a/c.)

Items Qty.
School Uniform 03
Bed Sheets 02
Pillow Cover 02
Track Suits 02
House-T-shirts 01
Blazer (IX to XII) 01
School Socks 02
School Belt 01