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Hostel Rules & Regulations

  • Parent/s guardians have to take the permission from the warden in order to meet their wards.
  • Parent/s guardians are not allowed to enter in their ward’s living room. They may contact to the bording office in case of emergency.
  • Parents/guardians can meet their ward on First Sunday of every month between 9.00 a.m.&12.00noon.
  • Parents/guardins Have to note that they should arrange for their night-stay outside the campus.
  • Students may contact their parents/ guardian on telephone only twice a month, between 9.00a.m.&5.00p.m.However, note thattelephone should be used as a medium of communication only in emergency cases. Parents should restrict their visits/telephone calls as it would be helpful for their settlement. Please take it as an advantage not as a right
  • Students are strictly not allowed to possess expensive articles,such as wrist watch, calculator, camera mobile, gold items, jewellery,transistor, walkman, videogames and cash.
  • Outside eatables are strictly prohibited.in case any parent happens to bring any foodstuff, it would be shared among all students in the dining hall only.
  • Before any forth coming examination or school function, leave would not be granted to any student .
  • Students are not allowed to travel alone. Only on the basis of a written undertaking from the parents they will be allowed to travel alone.
  • Students are expected to report on the prescribed date after the vacation /break. A fine will be imposed in case of delay and their outing and telephonic conversations fees once will be restricted or banned.
  • Parents are requested not to offer any kind of gifts or tips to the faculty members and the staff. We do not encourage gifts and tips as a way to express appreciation. Quality of service should not be based on such practices. Every child is given equal attention and importance; hence incentives in form of gifts or tips do not alert the School’s attitude towards any particular child.