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Moral & Spiritual Environment

  • Daily morning Vandana at ‘Swami Vivekananda Dhyan Mandapam’.
  • Regular ‘Bhojan Mantra’ is recited before meals
  • YAJNA is performed to inculcate devotion & dedication towards Bhartiya Culture.
  • Fovorable programmes, discourses, celebration of Bharatiya Festivals and Birth Anniversaries of Great Bhartiya Personalities.
  • Counseling by experts of different fields to motivate and to solve the queries of the students.
  • Time to time Blessings and Spiritual Inspiration by great Saints for drawing the minds of students towards higer value of life.
  • We belive that Discipline is a vital factor in shaping one’s personality, and also in National life.
  • Effective learning is possible only through discipline.

‘Nar seva – Narayan Seva’

Worship of god through service to man.
Service to the poor: An Integral part of Our Education

Based on Dr.Hedgewar’s call for service to the needy and to expose the young minds to the extent of poverty in the country even after decades of Independence:-

  • A direct service to the poor has been implemented by a voluntary group of students of AVMSVP.
  • The scheme provides opportunities to the students to serve and to voluntarily contribute their mite from their pocket Money towards the programme.
  • These students periodically go in small groups to institutions which cater to the needs of the poor.
  • They Go to selected slums and study the living condition to improve them.
  • To make the people aware of education, health, hygiene, ill-effects of alcoholic addiction.
  • This goes a long way for giving the poor people a practical training by rousing in them a concern for their misfortunate barriers brethren, forgetting theentire social, religious and economic status.